MK-BWIDE It is a series of bubble cages designed for the calibration of the bubble on Agri Blown Film Lines, so
with lay flat range between 3500 to 12.500 mm.
Realized with a robust tubular frame “Heavy Duty”, they can be dismounted for shipping.
It is available with 8 and 12 arms with interchangeable roller frame up to 8 levels, single and double “V” roll.
Thanks to the Patented Pending alignment system the MK series guarantee a perfect radial movement of the roll
to the centre with “0” error so it can be an alternative to the “scissor” cage type.
Rolls are available in different material such as Carbon fibre, Silicon Foam, wool.
On Carbon Fibre roll some special coating FDA approved or anti-sticky can be provided.
The vertical movement is composed by independent vertical axis synchronized by a dedicated micro PLC, the
vertical adjustment is available up to 2500 mm
Many optional are available such as IBC sensor brackets, Open-Close potentiometer, Up-Down potentiometer,
Control Cabinet, DC motor speed control.